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ralph lauren sale The night before I saw the posting on Baidu reporter groups where there is a 7,0 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Ya'an pictures so I hastened to open , read, my heart would collapse , and I shed a tear , you know, there are many, many people have died in the earthquake , how many innocent people died ah ! Their relatives cry bitterly , crying hoarse throat , I thought, why God so unfair , every disaster to happen in the body of the people of Sichuan , are their lives should not be left in the world do ? Friends, gave your love , reach out your hands to save these poor fellow Sichuan it !

April 20 , and an engraved in the heart of the day ralph lauren sale , when people are not from the earthquake, Yushu earthquake completely out of the shadows come , now , and 7.0 earthquake occurred in the beautiful city of Lushan County, Ya'an , Sichuan . A beautiful city has become an instant ruin, a brilliant smile suddenly disappeared Zhang , Yi Keke verdant landscape tree an instant fall. Some netizens quipped: . " Tangshan Earthquake tell us not to go to bed early at night , the earthquake tells us not to take a nap , Ya'an earthquake tells us not to sleep late , three earthquakes tell us not to sleep naked " People experiencing the earth again and again test , but still did not bring people to " live " as devoid of meaning , but makes people more aware , " survival " significance.

Live nowhere no glory, nowhere did not smile in the face of catastrophe , maybe you 'll laugh at others , as a humorous joke is no blood no meat cold-blooded , but you definitely will not hold a face to face frustration for one innocent child's smile.

Morning news, will be one Ya'an earthquake-stricken child smiles as heartbreak, heartbreak in this beautiful spring day . ralph lauren sale Natural disasters , we can not stop , we have to hold back the sadness, smiling face . Scratched wounds , blood flowing through , deeply buried in our hearts , this is a human , then a big earthquake, the earthquake also accommodating China is not broken , the party Wei Zheng Yan , army love, accommodating Kazuya China Zheng Li yuan .

Smile broke my heart in this morning , heartbreak in this beautiful spring day , so my whole body filled with positive energy , to find the meaning of life.

No matter where you are, you are in my heart ; blood miracles , live well ; Whether you're there, I would like to bless you ; You and I , heart to heart , hand in hand , life and death ......

Leave the sleeping beauty dreams slowly open eyes, the bad news just as the storm swept across the land of China , shook his thin body, the mouth in the remaining sweet dreams of happiness gone, but the change is a horror face.

Yesterday also regard the collapse of houses full of laughter ralph lauren sale , happiness yesterday also worked hard to regard life died yesterday excitement planned for this journey to naught, sweet dreams on this yesterday became the dawn of screams . The bad news through the hands of a small cell phone to enter my brain solidified my blood , you know my hands were shaking ! 1300000000 hearts tremble for you ! 9.6 million land tremble for you ! And now, I can do is merge his hands on his chest silently praying to God ! Now for those people trapped in the disaster area to pray , to pray for those who are pressed compatriots in ruins now , and would like to be able to rescue his hands tightly holding the hand of each two-way help them .

Ya'an , ralph lauren sale our hearts will always be with you, please do not be afraid , disaster is never hit our hearts , brave move forward , will you brave to stand up .

Finally, I am here to bless Fenger Sichuan disaster area people dead compatriots , will you take the underground rest in peace! Good bless people alive , I would bless the injured people , I wish you a speedy recovery and a safe life .